Truck and Trailer Leasing

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Truck and Trailer Leasing

Truck and Trailer Leasing


The truck and trailer industry is responsible for the economic growth of many industries, including retail stores, hospitals, farms gas stations. The sector that supports this entire economy is trucking because they not only move products but also provide manufactured goods to those in need or looking for a bargain. You can own your shipping company without purchasing expensive equipment with our financing options – so call now!

DD logistics Truck and Trailer leasing is ready to find the right financial solutions for your business. We’re able to help you reduce spending without taking from resources, as we are experts in commercial trucking that know all about maximizing efficiency with our trucks and trailers.

Why our Truck & Trailer Leasing?


  • Various Types of Trucks and Trailers Available Immediately
  • Competitive Full-Service Rates
  • 24/7 Breakdown Service
  • Fast, Expert and Personal Advice
  • Flexible Rental
  • Years of Experience
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