Truck & Trailer Repair


Visit our Shop where you will find many services. We offer a wide assortment of power units to trailers for lease or rent.
We have a dedicated mechanics shop for all those repair needs that any driver might have. We offer expert analysis of all required equipment for the logistics entrepreneur.

Our work hours are from 7am to 6pm local Chicago time Mondays through Fridays. If an individual requires a weekend repair or assessment one can be agreed upon with the mechanic if there is an available slot.
Service Price
Labor $95/h
PM Service (Oil Change + Filters + Grease) $350
PM Service (Oil Change – Detroit Engine) $450
Computer Diagnostics $150
Jump Start $150
Annual Inspection $50
Tow Bar for rent $250 per day
Labor Rate $95 per hour
Road Service $150 per hour
Wash $20-$150
Expedite repair $200-$700* prices range differently according to make/model/size of truck/trailer. These prices are for emergency repairs.
* for more pricing and details please contact us at or 630 560 4444